最近の研究成果を紹介します.(I’ll introduce our research articles.)


論文題目(Title of article):Highly charged ion scattering on single-crystalline (0001) and (000-1)
zinc-oxide surfaces

著者(Authors):Kenji Motohashi, Tokihiro Ikeda, Takao M. Kojima, Yuki Suzuki

雑誌名(Name of Jornal):Vacuum

巻(Volume): 104, ページ(page):22-28

発行年(Year): 2014



論文題目(Title of article):Transmission properties of a 4-MeV C+ Ion Beam Entering a Narrow Gap between Two Cylindrocal Glass Surfaces

著者(Authors):Kenji Motohashi, Yuichi Saitoh, Nobumasa Miyawaki, and Yutaro Matsuo

雑誌名(Name of Jornal):Japanese Journal of Applied Physics

巻(Volume): 52, ページ(page): 076301-1-076301-6

発行年(Year): 2013