Introduction of our research

DSCF0408 DSCF0689重粒子線治療や画像診断法の普及と高性能化を目指して、小型量子ビーム源と多次元粒子検出器の開発を進めています。また、量子ビームを照射した際の物質の物理・化学的変化を原子レベルで調べ、生体適合材料の開発や新薬の創生に貢献します。


小型高電離多価イオン源 (重粒子線がん治療への応用)

時間分解多次元粒子検出器 (分子イメージング・画像診断への応用)

荷電粒子と物質との相互作用を原子物理学的手法で明らかにします。 (生体適合材料の開発)

We have been progressing the research and development of novel compact quantum beam sources and multi-particle detection systems for heavy-ion-beam cancer therapy and  molecular imaging.   Furthermore, we will contribute to develop biocompatible materials and medicines by studying physical and chemical changes of the matters after irradiation of the quantum beams.

Development of the compact highly charged ion sources (Application to the heavy-ion beam cancer therapy)

Development of the time-resolved position sensitive detectors (Application to the molecular imaging)

To investigate the interactions between some quantum beams and matters by means of atomic physics experiments (Development of the biocompatible materials)

Details of our study